Repair Your Credit Score using this 6- Step Blueprint

"My Credit Score has increased by 116 points using the Credit building app and Robyn's tips and tools Anyone that needs Credit Repair I would highly suggest this e-book!

-Mikiah Keener


"Hi Ms Robyn, I purchased your book, and everything in your book was useful! I raised my credit instantly by using the tools provided. Your book inspired me to help others achieve great credit with the tools and knowledge provided in your book. I definitely give your book 5 stars. Thank you." 

- Dominique Lockett

Sr. Accounting Rep

"OMG MY CREDIT SCORES HAVE GONE UP 60+ POINTS!! I went in and disputed accounts and opened a Credit Card per your book!! I am so stoked right now!! Thank you soooooo much for the advice!! I kinda want to cry right now but I'm too much of a G for that"
- Ashley Williamson

I increased my score from a 555 all the way to 786 in little to no time and You can do it too with This Blueprint. I've helped thousands Get to their Credit Goal.

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Designed to increase your credit score no matter how low it is.
What's included?
 6 EASY to Read Steps you will need to take to repair your Credit 
 Medical Collections
  Student Loan Information
  Debt Collection
  Late Payments
  Dispute Letters for a Convenient D.I.Y process


   FREE Credit Repair !!! (What No Credit Repair Agent will Tell you )
  Don’t want to do the work yourself? I get it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. On-Page 11 there is a HIDDEN gem website that disputes collections for you! The website provides you with the option to work with an experienced attorney for FREE!!
   My SECRET Hacks to Boost your Score ( Page 6 & 10 ). You can see a boost as early as today!

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    This is a download and not a physical copy it will come INSTANTLY via email after purchase if you don’t see it check your spam or junk folder. Please make sure you enter the correct email address at checkout.
  • How Can I Save the EBook?
    Please make sure you save the EBook to your phone ASAP it can be saved via “I Books or “Files” app.
  • I can’t open access the link?
    If you can’t access the Link check to make sure your software is at the latest update. If it is, simply turn your phone off and try to open the link again. The link can be found in your inbox or spam folder by typing in “Budget Barbie “in your search box.
  • Does the Ebook only work for the United States?
    No, the eBook is available to anyone in the world .
  • How can I contact you?
    Via email at

    Via Instagram @robyndonyea and Don't forget to tag me in your Credit Journey :)
  • Where Can I find The Dispute Letters for the Ebook?
    It will download as a zip folder one file will be the actual eBook and then six dispute letters it will be 8 letters if you purchased the 2 additional letters.
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